Goddess of LOVE Aphrodite also Known as VENUS with EROS & CUPID on Ancient Greek Roman Coins

Venus Cupid Aphrodite Eros Ancient Greek and Roman Coins

Coins of the Goddess of Love and her Winged “Angel” of Love

Venus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Cupid is the Roman version of the Greek Eros. Both of these colorful characters played significant roles in history. It was the judgement of Paris, naming Aphrodite the “fairest of them all” whom granted him the love of Helen; whose love launched the Trojan war depicted in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Other colorful characters of history such as Julius Caesar had Venus as the patron deity and claimed decent from the goddess herself. Both Venus and Cupid have been depicted on ancient coins of the ancient Greeks and Romans stretching from the B.C. times to even the mid-to-late Roman empire.  She was the mother of the Roman people through the link to her son Aeneas who fled Troy. Her functioned included those of beauty, sex, love, fertility and desire.

Cupid, Greek Eros, translating from Latin word “Cupido” which means “desire” is the god of erotic love, affection, desire and attraction in Roman mythology. He is often depicted together with his mother the goddess Venus.

See an amazing collection of ancient coins depicting her and search for coins  that depict both her and Cupid.

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Authentic Ancient Greek & Roman Coins Featuring Venus Aphrodite Cupid Eros

Being the patron goddess of Julius Caesar, Venus is depicted on many of his coins. However, she is depicted on many other ancient Greek and Roman coins of the ancient times. Many times, her son Cupid is included in her depiction. Venus is also sometimes featured holding the Golden Apple which Paris granted the goddess in the story of the Judgement of Paris. A story that echoes in eternity and associated with the Trojan war. On Roman coins she at times has various functions she does, such as VENUS VICTRIX, or Venus of Victory. The most likely attractive type of Venus to collect is the one that shows her from behind with her half-draped buttocks showing. Enjoy the selection of ancient coins I put together for your pleasure.

Roman Republic JULIUS CAESAR Family VENUS CUPID Mark Antony Silver Coin i46293

Roman Republic L. Julius L. f. Caesar moneyer
Silver Denarius 16mm (3.87 grams) Rome mint, circa 103 B.C.
Reference:  Julia 4; B.M.C. 1405, esc.; Syd. 593; Craw. 320/1
Head of Mars left, CAESAR behind, letter and dots above.
Venus Genetrix in biga left, drawn by two Cupids, before them lyre, letter and dots above, L . IVLI . L . F in exergue.
Family member of Caesar the dictator. Grandfather of Mark Antony. The Julia gens claimed it’s decent from Venus herself.

Roman Republic Julius Caesar Family Venus Silver Ancient Coin CONSIDIA 7 i45466

Roman Republic C. Considius Paetus moneyer
Silver Denarius 20mm (3.60 grams) Rome mint, circa 46 B.C.
Reference: Considia 7; B.M.C. 4090; Syd. 993; Craw. 465/4
PAETI behind head of Venus left, diademed and laureate.
Victory in quadriga left, holding wreath and palm, C . CONSIDI in exergue.

PLAUTILLA Caracalla Wife 202AD VENUS CUPID Ancient Silver Roman Coin i46570

 Plautilla – Roman Empress – Wife of Caracalla –
Silver Denarius 20mm (3.52 grams)  Rome mint: 202-205 A.D.
Reference: RIC 369 (Caracalla), S 7074, BMC 429 –
PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA – Draped bust right.
VENVS VICTRIX –   Venus standing left, leaning on shield, holding apple and cradling palm;  Cupid to lower left.

Venus in Chariot with Cupid 106BC Ancient Silver Roman Republic Coin i41974

Roman Republic L. Memmius Galeria moneyer
Silver Denarius 20mm (3.80 grams) Rome mint, circa 106 B.C.
Reference: Memmia 2; B.M.C. 1329-46; Syd. 574; Craw. 313/1b
Laureate head of Saturn left, letter or letter and dot below chin, harpa and ROMA behind.
Venus in biga right, Cupid flies above, L . MEMMI / GAL in exergue.Venus was the tutelary divinity of the Memmia gens.

JULIA DOMNA Silver Ancient Authentic Roman Coin VENUS Fertility Cult i26637

Julia Domna – Roman Empress Wife of Emperor Septimius Severus 193-211 A.D. –
Silver Denarius 19mm (2.97 grams) Rome mint 196-211 A.D.
Reference: RIC 580 (Septimius Severus), C 198
IVLIAAVGVSTA – Draped bust right.
VENVSFELIX – Venus standing left, holding apple and pulling dress.

Roman Republic 46BC Silver Coin Julius Caesar Family Gemini Venus Cult i28585

Roman Republic – Mn. Cordius Rufus moneyer, which may refer to the Julius Caesar family
Silver Denarius (21mm, 3.65 gm.) Rome mint: 46 B.C.
Reference: Cordia 1; S-440.Cr463/1. Syd 976. RSC-(Cordia)-1.
Conjoined heads of the Dioscuri right, each wearing pileus surmounted by star, RVFVS III VIR behind and below. MN . CORDIVS behind Venus Verticordia standing left, holding scales & scepter, Cupid on her shoulder.

Galeria Valeria 310AD Ancient Roman Coin VENUS Sexual love Cult i44272

Galeria Valeria – Roman Empress – Wife of Galerius – Daughter of Diocletian –
Bronze Follis 25mm (5.44 grams) Heraclea mint: 310 A.D.
Reference: RIC 50 (Heraclea)
GALVALERIAAVG – Diademed, draped bust right.
VENERIVICTRICI Exe: */HTΔ – Venus standing left, holding apple and raising skirt.

CARACALLA Silver Antoninianus Ancient Roman Coin ‘Venus the Victorious’ i46769

Caracalla – Roman Emperor: 198-217 A.D. –
Silver Antoninianus 24mm (4.66 grams) Struck circa 198-217A.D.
Reference:  RIC 311d
ANTONINVSPIVSAVGGERM – Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
VENVSVICTRIX – Venus standing left, holding Victory and spear with shield.

Roman Republic C. Norbanus 83BC Rare Ancient Silver Coin VENUS Commerce i28514

Roman Republic C. Norbanus moneyer
Silver Denarius (19mm, 3.80 gm.), Rome, 83 B.C.
Reference:  Norbana 2; B.M.C. 2770-2826; Syd. 739; Craw. 357/1b
Diademed head of  Venus right, C . NORBANVS below, number behind.
Corn, fasces and caduceus.

JULIUS CAESAR Lifetime 44BC Portrait Ancient Silver Roman Coin Venus Rare i46313

Julius Caesar – Roman Dictator –
Silver Denarius 19mm (3.89 grams) Struck February-March  44 B.C.
P. Sepullius Macer, moneyer
Reference: RSC 40; B. 48; B.M.C. 4175; Syd. 1074a; Craw. 480/14
CAESAR DICT PERPETVO, his laureate and veiled head right.
P . SEPVLLIVS MACER, Venus Victrix standing left, holding Victory and scepter, star set on ground to right.Probably the most famous portrait issue of Julius Caesar. This series illustrates the dictator’s break with the Roman custom forbidding the depiction of living individuals on the coinage, which may have contributed to the mounting fears (perhaps justifiable in retrospect) that he wished to do away with republican institutions and establish a new personal monarchy in Rome. These fears, combined with jealousy of his success and power, led to Caesar’s assassination on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. At the same time that the portrait subtly elevates Caesar’s status to that of a king, it also reveals his human frailty: the laurel wreath that Caesar wears was awarded to him by the Senate, but he reportedly wore it in public at all times in order to hide a bald spot.

JULIA DOMNA Septimius Severus Wife Silver Roman Coin Venus Love Cult i24607

Julia Domna – Roman Empress Wife of Emperor Septimius Severus 193-211 A.D. –
Silver Denarius 17mm (2.63 grams) Emesa mint: 193-196 A.D.
IVLIA DOMNA AVGV – Draped bust right.
VENERI VICTR – Nude Venus with half-covered buttocks standing right, leaning on column and with legs crossed, holding apple and palm.* Numismatic Note: Rare, type from the Emesan mint.

JULIA SOAEMIAS 220AD Elagabalus Mother Silver Roman Coin Venus Cult i21501

Julia Soaemias – Roman Empress Mother of Elagabalus, Roman Emperor 218-222 A.D. –
Silver Denarius 18mm (3.04 grams) Rome mint: 220-222 A.D.
Reference: RIC 241 (Elagabalus), S 7719
IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG – Draped bust right.
VENVSCAELESTIS – Venus standing left, holding apple and scepter; star in right field.

JULIA MAMAEA Sestertius Big RARE Ancient Roman Coin Venus Cupid Erotic i46443

Julia Mamaea – Roman Empress wife of Emperor Severus Alexander 222-235 A.D. –
Bronze Sestertius 30mm (24.42 grams) Struck circa 222-235 A.D.
Reference: RIC 694 (Severus Alexander), BMC 190 (Severus Alexander), C 62
IVLIAMAMAEAAVGVSTA – Diademed, draped bust right.
VENERIFELICI – Venus standing right, holding scepter and Cupid; S C across fields.

APHRODISIAS in CARIA 3rdCenAD Boule Eros Cupid with Torch Greek Coin i44355

Greek city of Aphrodisias in Caria
Bronze 19mm (4.40 grams) Struck circa 3rd Century A.D.
Reference: BMC 32, 39. SNG von Aulock 2445
Є IЄPΑ BΟΥΛH, veiled and draped bust of Boule (the Council) right.
ΑΦΡΩΔЄΙCIЄΩΝ, Eros (Roman Cupid) standing right, holding torch.

CARTEIA Spain after 44BC Ancient Greek Coin of Romans Cupid Dolphin i37417

The city of Carteia (Roman colony founded in 171 B.C.) in Spain
Bronze Quadrans 18mm (4.36 grams) Struck after 44 B.C.
Reference: ACIP 2609; RPC I 116
Turreted head of Fortuna right; behind, trident.
Cupid riding dolphin  right.

Antiochos VII Euergetes 138BC Ancient Seleucid Greek Coin Eros Cupid Isis i36811

The Seleucid Kingdom
Antiochos VII, Euergetes (Sidetes) – Seleucid King: 138-129 B.C.
Bronze 18mm (5.60 grams) Struck 138-129 B.C.
Reference: Sear 7098
Winged bust of Eros ( Cupid)  right wreathed with myrtle.
Head-dress of Isis; on right, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ANTIOXOY; on left, EYEPΓETOY; MH monogram in left field, beneath, crescent and Seleucid date ΔOP (=174=138 B.C.)

Roman Republic Maxsumus RARE Silver Coin Cupid Eros Jupiter Cult Temple i34394

Roman Republic Cn. Egnatius Cn. f. Cn. n. Maxsumus moneyer
Silver Denarius 19mm (3.35 grams) Rome mint: 75 B.C.
Reference: Egnatia 3; B.M.C. 3276-84; Syd. 788; Craw. 391/2
Bust of Cupid right, bow and quiver on shoulder, MAXSVMVS behind.
Jupiter and Liberty within distyle temple, C . EGNATIVS CN . F . in exergue, CN . N . on
right, number on left.

ANTIOCHUS IX Cyzicenus SELEUCID KING 112BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin i23746 EROS

GREEK – Seleucid Kingdom: Antiochus IX Cyzicenus – King: 113-96 B.C. –
Bronze 20mm (4.94 grams) Struck 112-111 B.C.
Reference: Sear 7173; SNG Israel 2743; BMC 4.94,27
Winged bust of Eros right.
Nike advancing left, holding wreath; on right ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ; on left, ΦΙΛΟΠΑΤOΡΟΣ; in field to left, Seleucid date.

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